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Count down to the lovely Bank Holiday weekend…

Storm Hector’s exit stage left provided us with plenty to do – with tree fall and many, many wheel barrows of debris now waiting in the work area to be burnt. Followed by Hector, we have seen some wind, but importantly, a couple of days of wonderful,…

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When Storm Hector came a-calling

We are now less than a fortnight away from our August opening for the NGS and of course, we are very far behind. No rain continues to be a major issue and I worry that our lovely visitors will see only scorched earth and drooping flower heads. No mat…

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A Short Commercial Break for Ferns Lodge Garden

Our NGS garden opening is but a faint memory of lots of lovely people, cake and the deer who broke in and ransacked the roses on the Saturday night before the Sunday opening. Of course the electric gate into the wood has sensors set at above Ghillie…

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A Ferns Lodge THANK YOU!

To all of you who came to see us at our inaugural opening for the NGS on the 8th and 9th June and also to the Hordle Gardening Club who were here at Ferns Lodge Garden the Thursday before. Thank you for your enthusiasm, kind words and for being here…

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Opening time approaches – getting it together and no rain…!

We are now a day away from the visit by the Hordle Gardening Club which the lovely Jan has organised, followed by opening for the NGS on the 8th and 9th June. The pace is picking up and there is much that is still left undone! My super helpers have b…

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Victoria Sandwich, Sunny Easter days and Skips

Spring is now most definitely here. Sarah has been out in the garden photographing and videoing just some of the song and ferocious activity afoot as the birds sing and plan for a new season, new nests and new young.…

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Game on…! at Ferns Lodge. Our NGS pack arrives.

2 weeks ago, Ghillie and I picked up our NGS pack from the amazing Elizabeth, who is in charge of us, and saw her immaculate garden at Willows… Oh dear! Another reminder that there is SO MUCH TO DO. In the package are all sorts of signs to the garden…

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Magnolia - Ferns Lodge Garden

Breeze, stick collecting, china and the challenges of getting ready…

March has been a breezy month and mostly wet, but warm. Sarah took these fantastic shots showing spring flowers in abundance. If you look very carefully you can see them bending in around 40 knots of breeze. Many flowers, particularly camellia, have…

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Periwinkle - Ferns Lodge Garden

And so the season begins… | 2019

February is such a trying month… Far enough away from Christmas to be boring with the cold and wet upon us and not enough light to make a massive difference. January has the advantage of being an exciting start to a new year. February is simply what…

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Cordon Bleu for Plants

You know that you have become a compost bore when your family gives you a book about compost for Christmas! Worse than that, instead of the polite thank you whilst thinking what worthy individual you can give such a present to, you sneak away mid-fes…

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