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The Last Day of Summer at NGS Garden Ferns Lodge

As I scribble this blog in the NGS Garden Ferns Lodge shed, Ghillie is snoring at my feet, having been unsuccessfully chasing rabbits in the big garden already this morning. It must be said that there are FAR TOO MANY of them and a rabbit platoon has…

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The Rainy Weather turns Hot, Hot, Hot – NGS Garden Ferns Lodge basks in sun…

After our open weekend there was a small respite for NGS Garden Ferns Lodge before the temperature dropped and the rains came – and just kept coming. Working in the garden at weekends to try to keep up, I have developed both webbed hands and feet…!…

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THANK YOU everyone for a FANTASTIC NGS Garden Ferns Lodge Opening!

The 5th and 6th June 2021  were set as the date of our NGS garden Ferns Lodge opening way back in 2020 – it seemed a long way away as we struggled with the vegetable garden, diggers, composting, planting and getting ready… Of course, the one thing…

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Almost at the finishing post… NGS Garden Ferns Lodge is opening NEXT WEEKEND – Yikes!!

The very heavy breezes and massive amount of tree fall that they leave behind have now exited stage left of NGS Garden Ferns Lodge. The rain has also stopped and the sun has come out – the rustle of growth is palpable and the weeds are loving it too!…

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Proper April showers, a hurtle to the finish and a homeless gnome… at NGS Garden Ferns Lodge

April showers have turned up well into May, and it is terrific. You can almost hear the rustle of everything growing and the beds and shrubberies are filling out beautifully. Of course, it is a little cold which means that we are, I am told, around 3…

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Hurtling towards June and progress of sorts at NGS Garden Ferns Lodge…

With the May bank holiday behind us, our NGS garden Ferns Lodge opening, on the 5th and 6th June, is now getting dangerously close! Cold weather and little rain have been less than helpful but as I settle down to write this blog, the rain is coursing…

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Making Progress, Getting Ready for June and Ghillie’s Caterpillar at NGS Garden Ferns Lodge

We are definitely making progress – especially for our opening in June. The polytunnel is not a simple construct! With masses of experience, a degree in nuclear physics and plenty of time – putting it up is possible. Dan, Simon and Dan’s crew have wa…

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Easter, Opening our NGS garden and Ferns Lodge vegetables!

I hope that you all had a Happy Easter. Here at NGS garden Ferns Lodge it was great to be able to dispense cups of tea (or better) to visitors and to enjoy the spring weather and to see the garden really coming to life. It is a wonderful time of year…

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Spring has sprung for NGS Garden Ferns Lodge

Despite the continuing rain (I really think that the UK could use a roof!) and cool east and north winds, now that we are in March, when the sun peeps through, Spring has definitely arrived here at NGS Garden Ferns Lodge. The low overnight temperatur…

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A vegetable garden, mud, diggers and travelling in hope this Spring! for NGS Garden Ferns Lodge

As I scribble this blog, we are in the first week of spring and the sound of birdsong and the green shoots that herald the arrival of spring flowers and perennials are clear to see. No rain and some sunshine also adds to the moment! The count down to…

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