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Pumpkin, Honey and Tree Fall as Winter Approaches for NGS Garden Ferns Lodge

I always felt that ‘the Fall’ was a funny name for autumn and wondered at this strange American-ism until I started to garden seriously at NGS garden Ferns Lodge, which of course is a place of many lovely, mostly deciduous trees. I now get it totally…

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Leaf fall, Much Rain and a Look Back at NGS Garden Ferns Lodge in 2020

What a funny old year 2020 has been for all of us! With some wonderful weather, although little rain when it mattered and plenty of breeze throughout the season, the black cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic made for a different rhythm for the garden this…

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Storm Ellen, shine and plenty more breeze bring more challenges at NGS garden Ferns Lodge

The last blog spoke to lack of rain and plenty of grass which had forsaken its normal green coat for a fetching shade of pale yellow. Of course Radio 4 is never wrong and at last the rains did come. First refreshing drizzle, then proper rain and fina…

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Lots of projects, a little rain and Mr Mole has come to stay at NGS garden Ferns Lodge

No National Garden Scheme opening and COVID-19 has brought with it enormous frustration – but a desire to get done all those projects done, that will stand Ferns Lodge and its garden in good stead, for our opening in 2021 is with me. In this I have b…

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Another Bank Holiday, a Sunbathing Labrador and no NGS opening

Another Bank Holiday – they hurtle along at this time of year! More sunshine (‘though no rain which is starting to be something of a concern – the weather forecast talks of sun and a dearth of rain for a couple more weeks) and lots of breeze. Ghillie…

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The rhododendron season approaches at NGS garden Ferns Lodge – and a bank holiday

Ferns Lodge NGS garden is just approaching its best… The irises, salvias and daisies are out, campion is everywhere in the big garden, the grass is growing so fast you can practically hear it and I am sure that briars, nettles and docks are popping u…

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Easter at NGS Garden Ferns Lodge

What a funny old time. Ghillie and I on our own this Easter at Ferns Lodge, with glorious weather – in other times it would be idyllic. The bird song is deafening, they certainly appreciate the lack of human activity all around and are busy with the…

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Spring has sprung and Difficult Times for the NGS and Ferns Lodge…

Apologies for the delay in filing this blog. As I write we are all the midst of COVID-19 – with all that this means. I am now working from the garden shed which is strewn with much paper and much more office paraphernalia than normal. It is early Sat…

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Storm Ciara, a No Dig Policy, Ferns Lodge and Another Grey Day February has now passed us by, with visits by 3 storms and the largest quantity of rainfall for the month since records began…! Wellies at NGS garden Ferns Lodge are a must and Ghillie is wearing a permanen…

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At NGS garden Ferns Lodge – 2020 is upon us but we have a plan!

Our lovely garden plan drawn by Tinstar has been updated this month to show the big works that are in hand at Ferns Lodge for 2020. I don’t pretend that we will be ready for the NGS opening in May which is why they are marked – Works in Progress! Ple…

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