Our second opening of 2019 – WOW!


The sun most definitely had his hat on for my bank holiday NGS garden opening at Ferns Lodge. Glorious, hot weather (a bit dry for the plants but didn’t discourage the moles sadly!) and we saw 281 visitors – THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! It was great to meet you all and we really hope that you will come and see us again next year and see what we’ve got up to with the restoration of the big garden.


Of course special thanks go to all who threw sticks on Sunday for Labrador Ghillie – he sends a big lick and on Monday was prone for most of the day, exhausted by all the running around and replete after stealing and eating part of a cake…


Talking of cakes – for all those who baked for the opening – you are all SUPERSTARS…


A massive thank you also to my wonderful helpers who do all the very hard work – you were wonderful…

Gardener Simon who was everywhere and helped with everything. The kitchen was a hub and for all of those who helped with cakes, scones, meringues, tray bakes – we had a mountain of lovely things to eat with tea and of course thank you to our mountaineers – our visitors who came and ate it all!

Making it all happen in the kitchen were Sue, Valerie, Victoria, Mandy, Sarah and Sandra and of course, Simon.

Collecting money at the gate, Isabel was amazing, and we also had the fab Michael, Rich, David, Charles, Kurt and Julia.


Lovely Barbara was on plant sales and thank you to those who bought china left over from our massive china buy at the beginning of the year. There is a pretty pot which was bought but left behind, so if that was you, let me know and do come and collect it. It is waiting for you…

Bees are a big subject at Ferns Lodge at the moment – we have a new Queen Bee for our original hive and her coronation is this week. We are also the proud owners of a new swarm in the second beehive and we are hoping that honey will be the end result. All our bees are busy dashing around and taking nectar and pollinating the garden which is fab…


If you visited Ferns Lodge, I hope that you had as much fun as Ghillie and I did. If you didn’t, we very much look forward to seeing you next year.

Contact sue.grant@fernslodge.co.uk.