Welcome to Ferns Lodge, a small Victorian lodge house nestled within 4 acres of wild gardens that are in restoration. We hope that you will enjoy this simple website and visit it often as the slow progress towards order marches on.

About the Garden

The garden, surrounding the house, is around half an acre and has been landscaped over the past 10 years. The map below shows the house and grounds to the right of the site. It is a cottage garden with brick paths that guide you from summerhouse, to cottage and to gazebo – where climbing honeysuckle and jasmine cluster. There is a new barn with sedum roof and the beds are full of azalea, camellia, geranium, agapanthus and foxglove.

Ferns Lodge Birds and Wildlife
Ferns Lodge Garden Plant Life
Ferns Lodge Garden Map

‘Mission Ferns Lodge’ – The Restoration

Ferns Lodge Birds and Wildlife
Ferns Lodge Garden Plant Life
Ferns Lodge Tree House

The invasive laurel is gradually being removed to reveal a circle of holm oaks, date palm and a selection of mighty hard wood trees. There is a perimeter of mighty English oaks on 3 sides. At the bottom of the wood are a brace of Monterey pines whose magnificent bark and bulk can be viewed by climbing the tree house nestling between them. This also offers a great view of the bottom of the garden.

various stumps and junior stumperies

There are various stumps and junior stumperies as well as habitat stumps left around the wood, all of which provide homes for the enormous collection of wildlife that shares this special place with us.

Ferns Lodge Wild Flower Meadow

A new wildflower meadow has just been planted and amidst its early promise is a cork oak, which was released from a prison of laurel and saplings in 2018.

The perimeter of the wood is very, very wild and the possibilities for fantastic vistas and planting for another day are boundless.

No Sprays

At Ferns Lodge no sprays, weed killers or anything that is not natural is used. We want to preserve the habitat that the garden offers and to manage this restoration with a light touch.